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Lupe [1]

Center for Metropolitan Studies
TU Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 16-18
10623 Berlin

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The Future of the Present: Mapping out the Network in Autonomous Archives

In the present day, the very well-known motto of revolution “the Revolution will not be televised” is replaced by “the Revolution will be tweeted” in disobedient cities. As it was obviously seen in Tahrir Square, Jasmine Revolution, Indignant Movement, and Gezi Park, protestors are live streaming videos, taking photos, and tweeting locations of infirmaries, streets under police intervention, food-beverage-first aid kit requirement lists, name of people who were detained, etc. In this framework, my dissertation project aims to interrogate the notion of documenting the present, and aspires to raise the question of archiving the present by including digitally born materials, which are produced during social movements in reclaimed urban spaces by protestors and circulated on social media on a national and global level. Since the clashes between demonstrators and police on streets are only the tip of an iceberg and more data is produced in digital form, and circulated on the Internet to support demonstrators, or protest the government, collecting only material objects from the streets would not be enough to narrate disobedience days properly.

Moreover, previous studies focusing on disobedience movements mostly have a particular intention to understand the causes and consequences of the protests, and seek to find similarities and differences between disobedient cities from different geographies. In a similar vein, digitally born materials have been mostly examined in terms of social media revolution, and the role of new media communication tools in occupy movements has been interrogated. Building on these previous works, this study aims to map out the typical trajectories of the autonomous archives.

The empirical data will be collected through a field study conducted in archives in three cities from different geographies: Istanbul, Berlin and New York. After selecting one archive from each city, archival materials will be analyzed with the aim of defining possible networks in order to develop an autonomous archive.

It comes as no surprise that temporality and world in a city are two common features in the pattern of the social movements in the Internet Age, while the movements appear local and global at the same time. In this manner, focusing on three different metropolitan cities through the lenses of temporality and world in a city will provide me an opportunity to elaborate different ontologies of autonomous archives in the pattern of online/digital archiving.



Koç University, Istanbul
Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management, MA

Fall 2005-2006
Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens-France)
Erasmus Exchange, Department of Sociology

Université de Galatasaray, Istanbul,
Sociology, BA


10/2013 - Present
Coordinator / Curator
Frankfurt Migrant Women Association Reminiscence Project
For Bibliothek der Alten in the Historical Museum Frankfurt
www.bda119.de [3]

01/2010 – 02/2012
Business Development Projects Responsible
Pera Museum, Istanbul

09/2007 – 09/2009
Teaching Assistant
Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management Graduate Program
Koç University, Istanbul


“Keeping Memories Alive! The Federal German Migrant Women’s Association contribution for the “Bibliothek der Alten” in the Frankfurt Historical Museum”, in CAMOCnews, Issue 1, 2015

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“Private Museology, Establishing New Cultural Industries in Istanbul”, Lambert Academic Publishing, September 2011, ISBN 978-3-8443-0949-2

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Pera Museum: Private Museology of the Establishing New Cultural Industries, Unpublished Graduate Thesis, Koç University, Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management, Istanbul, January 2010 (Advisor, Asst. Prof. Gül Pulhan)

“Mabet Yeri ya da Panayır Alanı Olarak Müzeler” (Museum Places: Temple or Fairground), in Özneler, Durumlar, ve Mekânlar. Eds. Emre Işık – Yıldırım Şentürk, Bağlam Yayınları, Istanbul, 2009, pp.185-193.

“Consuming in Museums: Visitor Behaviours in Postmodern Era”, The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Number 7, 2008.

“Fotoğrafın Sanatsal Değerinin Ötesinde Bir Tartışma: Bilgi mi Propaganda mı?” (A discussion concerning the use of photography beyond its artistic value: Information or propaganda?), Cogito, Fall 2007, Special edition on Walter Benjamin, Yapı Kredi Yayınları,
Istanbul, pp.88-100.

La Transformation des Fonctions Sociales du Musée en tant que Matrice Interactionnelles et Espace de Consommation: Le Cas des Musées Privés a Istanbul (Transformation of social functions of museum as an interactive matrix and a consumption ground: A Study on the Private Museums in Istanbul), Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, Galatasaray University, Sociology Department, Istanbul, June 2001. (Advisor, Asst. Prof. Ali Ergur)


“Onu Kendinize Nasıl Bağlarsınız? Müzeler için Dijital Stratejiler” (How to Engage Visitors? Digital Strategies for Museums), with Elif Koçak, Heritage Restoration, Archaeology, Museum Technologies Fair, Istanbul, Turkey, February 6 2015

“Bibliothek der Alten: Keeping Memories Alive!”, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK, November 4-5 2014

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“Establishing Cultural Identity Through Consumption in Postmodern Museums: Globalization and Cultural Policy”, The Sixth International Conference on New Directions in Humanities, İstanbul, Turkey, July 15- 18 2008


Digital Communication Team Member of the Museum Professionals Association in Turkey (2013 – Present)
Co-founder of the Museum Professionals Association in Turkey


Frankfurt Migrant Women Association Reminiscence Project: www.bda119.de
Personal Blog: www.museumbuzzy.com [4]

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