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Lupe [1]


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  • 1. Historicizing Postfordism: Was There Really a Break in the 1970s? [2]
  • 2. Changing Spatial Patterns: From Center to Periphery and vive versa? [3]
  • 3. Cultures of Consumption: The Fordist Versus the Postfordist City? [4]
  • 4. Security and Urban Warfare: A New Dimension of Postfordism? [5]
  • 5. New Paradigms of Urban Interaction: What is Postfordist Social Inequality? [6]
  • 6. Architecture and the Spatiality of Late 20th-Century Urbanism: How has the Appearance of Cities Changed Since the 1970s? [7]
  • 7. Social Housing – No Future in the Post-Fordist City? [8]
  • 8. The City as a Place of Work and Leisure: How Did Postfordism Affect Urban Practices? [9]
  • 9. Searching for the Just City, Fighting for a a Right to the City (Book Presentations and Roundtable Discussion) [10]
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