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Lupe [1]

Panel 1

"Historicizing Postfordism: Was There Really a Break in the 1970s?"

  • Panelists, Abstracts
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Panelists, Abstracts

  • 1. Historicizing Postfordism: Was There Really a Break in the 1970s? [2]
  • William Sites: "So When, Exactly, Was Black Fordism? Race, History and Urban Theory" [3]
  • Ralph Blessing / Mary Rocco: "Postfordist Urbanism and the Changes in Academic Planning" [4]
  • Stefan Höhne: "Efficiency in Movement. Fordist Ideologies in Contemporary Urban Transit" [5]
  • Lukasz Stanek: "The Emergence of the Urban Society? The Research of the Institut de Sociologie Urbaine (1962 – 1974)" [6]


Mary Nolan is Professor of History at New York University.  She is the author of Social Democracy and Society: Working-class Radicalism in Duesseldorf: 1890-1920 and Visions of Modernity: American Business and the Modernization of Germany.  She is co-editor or Crimes of War: Guilt and Denial in the Twentieth Century and The University Against Itself: the NYU Strike and the Future of Academic Labor.  She has written articles on Americanization and Anti-Americanism and is currently writing a book on Europe and America in the Twentieth Century.

Oliver Schmidt teaches contemporary history and urban studies at the Technical University of Berlin. [7] He pursued his studies in the social sciences, modern history and American studies in Erlangen, Athens/Ohio (USA), Munich, and at the European University Institute in Florence, receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard University (“Empire by Co-optation”). He worked for the Bertelsmann Foundation, where he ran projects on information society, e-governance and science writing before joining the TU Berlin in 2004 to help establish the CMS and build up the TGK Berlin-New York. His current fields of interest include the history of Transatlantic transfers, new media and comparative urbanisation, the transformation of US culture and foreign policy, and the rise of NGOs. He lives in Berlin.

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