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Lupe [1]

Panel 7

"Social Housing – No Future in the Post-Fordist City?" 

  • Panelists, Abstracts
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Panelists, Abstracts

  • 7. Social Housing – No Future in the Post-Fordist City? [2]
  • Marieke van Rooy: "Public housing at a turning point; The Netherlands, 1960-1980" [3]
  • Ari Sammartino: "Co-op City, Crisis and Community, 1965-1975" [4]
  • Sabine Horlitz: "The Construction of a Blast: No Random Crisis. The 1972 Demolition of the Pruitt-Igoe Public Housing Project" [5]
  • Nicholas Anastasakos: "Reconstituting the Fringe: The Political Culture of Homelessness in Manhattan, 1972-1979" [6]


Nicholas Bloom is associate professor of American history at the New York Institute of Technology [7].

Owen Gutfreund teaches history and urban studies at Barnard College, and is Director of the joint Barnard-Columbia undergraduate Urban Studies Program. His specialty is urban history in the United States, as well as from a global perspective. His most recent book, 20th Century Sprawl: Cities, Highways, and the Decentralization of the United States (Oxford University Press, 2004), explains and describes the overhaul of the U.S. over the last century, as government highway-building programs have encouraged automobile use and guided the citizenry towards the undeveloped countryside, away from crowded and congested urban areas, with devastating consequences for American cities.

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