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Christian Salewski: The virtual Ausnahmezustand. On the use of the unexpected in urban planning, scenarios, and science fiction.

Since the 1970s, urban and spatial planning has resorted to scenarios to think about the unforseeable future. In the Netherlands, architects, landscape architects and urban designers have designed remarkable visual scenarios as threats, visions, or tests that informed and legitimised policy and decision making. I will briefly outline the history of Dutch visualised spatial scenarios and discuss three projects that share a distinct quality of states of exception related to motives in science fiction: Carel Weeber's Eropolis in New Netherlands 2050 (1987), Adrian Geuze's Duindoornstad in Rotterdam 2045 (1995), and MVRDV's Pig City (2001).

About the Author

Christian Salewski is an architect and urban designer, lecturer and assistant professor at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He lectures Urban Design in the second year, teaches in urban design studios and seminars, and tutors master theses. Research includes the development of the professorship's upcoming center of excellence 'Airports and Cities' and his dissertation on the scenario method in urban design in the Netherlands since 1970. After his studies in architecture with a focus on urban design in Berlin and Lausanne, Christian worked on international projects in offices in Rotterdam and Berlin and was assistant lecturer at the Technical University of Dresden.

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