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"SPOTTING BERLIN" (CMS bei der "Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften")

Dr. Noa Ha | Jonah Garnick

Modul 8: Wahlmodul 

Fr 10-12 • Beginn 21.04.2017 • Raum HBS 103

Center for Metropolitan Studies bei der
Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften 2017 (June 24th)

Photo Exhibition: „SPOTTING BERLIN“

Berlin, to many who haven’t been here, is often reduced to three basic ideas: a party city, an artsy city, and a city shaped by the cold war. However, Berlin is much more; Berlin is a city of flows. The city attracts people from all over Germany and the world from all different backgrounds; students, migrant workers, refugees, tourists, researchers, artists, musicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, foodies, and more. Each of these groups and individuals within these groups interact with the city in a different way, producing radically different perspectives of the same city. This photo exhibition attempts to capture those perspectives and answer the following questions: how is Berlin seen and by whom; how do “outsiders” view the city and how does that compare to an “insider’s” perspective; who controls the narrative of how the city is seen; and what is unseen by most?



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