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SE Cultural Planning in Europe and the Americas

SE Cultural Planning in Europe and the Americas
Urban Images and Resistance

Claudia Seldin

Modul 3: Öffentlicher Raum und Stadtkultur

Mi 14-16 Uhr • ONLINE • Beginn: 04.11.2020

Art, culture, leisure and entertainment play a significant role in the urban planning schemes of today’s cities. Since the late 1970’s, cultural spaces have been turned into strategic tools within public policies, guiding architectural interventions and projects developed for the purpose of revitalizing the image of several cities and attracting investments and tourists. But, has the ‘culturalization’ of urban space been a homogenous phenomenon? And, what have been the consequences of this use of culture as an instrument in the development of different cities worldwide?
In this seminar, we will explore the different phases of cultural urban planning in Western European, North American and South American cities with the goal of understanding the varied approaches and effects of city marketing, urban branding and placemaking in different global contexts in the past 50 years.
We begin by analyzing the creation of spectacular landscapes and artistic facilities in cities, such as New York, Barcelona, Bilbao, London, Paris and Berlin in the 1970’s-2000’s. We will discuss the notion of “European Capitals of Culture” and the different perceptions attached to it. We, then, move on to a deeper investigation of Berlin in 2000’s-2010’s and its position as a paradigmatic “creative city” of the 21st century, while tackling concepts of “authenticity”, “creative class”, and “gentrification”. We will debate the question “who truly benefits from the establishment of a creative city” and look into a few case studies of resistance movements, which emerge as a response to the instrumentalisation of creativity in the German capital.
Moreover, we will analyze the reflection of these northern ‘culturalization’ tendencies in South America, focusing on Brazil, the 5th largest country in the world. We will discuss how the urban managers of certain cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, have imported ready-made models or “best-practices” of cultural planning, often disregarding the broader picture of inequality that characterizes the Brazilian context. We will compare examples of top-down and bottom-up cultural initiatives in Rio de Janeiro’s city center and in favelas and discuss their different impacts for local communities.

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