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SE Urban Water and the Politics of Infrastructure

Marcela López

Modul 5: Ressourcen und Dynamik der Stadtentwicklung

Die 10-12 Uhr • HBS 103 • Beginn 18.10.2016


This course introduces urban political ecology (UPE) as an analytical tool to explore how cities are governed, contested and shaped through access and control over water services. By looking at the intersections between globalization and urbanization processes, UPE provides means to evaluate uneven power relations underlying uneven distribution of water resources. UPE is concerned with the implications of neoliberalism (privatization and commercialization) and market-oriented principles on access and the sustainability of public service provision, as well as the forms of political struggle that take root at sites of policy change. It pays particularly attention at how different social actors, contemporary debates and material artifacts (e.g. infrastructure networks) come to codify uneven geographies by benefiting certain groups while excluding others. Ultimately, the aim is to contribute with different theoretical perspectives in the field of UPE for grasping the complex socio-ecological interactions that constitute cities through the examination of uneven provision of water services as well as sanitation, electricity and solid waste in different cities.


Einführende Literatur:

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