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SE Socialist city planning and urban life in the Soviet Union

Botakoz Kassymbekova

Socialist city planning and urban life in the Soviet Union

Modul 2: Dekonstruktion und Rekonstruktion 

Donnerstag 16:00 – 18:00 Uhr  ● HBS 103 ●  Beginn 18.10.2018

In this seminar we will analyse the Soviet state’s attempts to construct and populate socialist towns and cities for a “new just spatial order”. In their critique of the bourgeois domination of spatial production, Soviet leaders aspired to emancipate the “people” from “oppressive capitalist” structures formed by private property relations. These spatial arrangements aimed to produce alternative, “non-capitalist”, hierarchies and loyalties. We will analyse these attempts as well as the quest to break and overcome the dichotomy between individualism and communism / private and public spheres in a city. We will visit Soviet communal apartments, squares for mass celebrations, analyse urban planning and policies to attempt to grasp the visions and rationale behind the Soviet state’s planning of urban spaces and what came out of them.



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