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SE Unveiling the Urban Research

SE Unveiling the Urban Research
An Introduction to Methodological Approaches

Barış Ülker

Modul 7: Methodik und Projektarbeit

Mo 10-12 Uhr • ONLINE • Beginn: 02.11.2020

Conducting urban research necessitates an interdisciplinary perspective. This course provides a ground to the qualitative research methods that are used in the field of urban studies. In general, there are various methods that are appropriate for urban research and the methodology is related to the question one is asking. Therefore, considering their complex structures and networks, the course aims to develop an understanding about the ways of researching cities.
Since there is no absolute right or wrong method to use, the course looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each method in relation to different disciplines and types of questions. While some of the research questions might be answered by using participant observations or interviews, others might be more suitable for archival research or discourse and linguistic analysis. On the other hand, some other questions might enable the researcher to use diaries and visual methods at the same time.
The course intends to encourage a critical perspective related to the process of knowledge production in urban research. How can data sets, such as images, numbers, recordings, and words, be found, collected and used? What are the ontological and epistemological challenges in the research process? What are the consequences of research, if the researcher does not have control over the data that is being generated? What are some of the problems in case studies, comparative analysis and macro-perspective studies? Do they work together or conflict with each other? What is the role and position of the researcher?


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