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VL Urban Societies in Time and Space

VL Urban Societies in Time and Space

Dorothee Brantz

Modul 3: Öffentlicher Raum und Stadtkultur

Di 12-14 Uhr • MA 001 • Beginn: 03.11.2020

What characterizes an urban society? Why do we even build cities and how have they changed over time? This lecture serves as an introduction to the rich spectrum of topics related to the study of urban history and society, especially within the MA program in Historical Urban Studies. Using an array of specific questions such as – Do cities need destruction? Does nature still exist in cities? or Why are cities planned? – as our starting points, we will investigate major themes and concepts within the interdisciplinary field of urban studies, e.g., space & place, temporality & history, nature & and the urban environment, urban typologies, urban development & ideology, and marketing and representation. In each session we will devote our attention to a specific question in order to examine the historical dimensions as well as contemporary implications of distinct urban developments. The format will center on lectures with interspersed discussions.

This seminar is held in English, but potential term papers (Hausarbeiten) can be submitted in English or German. Term papers are written on one of the questions of the course. All students from other departments who are interested in participating in this course are welcome to attend. Credits will be determined as needed in individual cases. Term papers are due at the end of the semester (March 31, 2021).



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