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Berlin Fellows 2012-2015

Afenah, Afia

Fellow; Variegated Urban Governance: Negotiating Space, Power and Legitimacy in Contemporary Accra mehr zu: Afenah, Afia

Arrieta, Marcela

Associate Fellow; Changing the Borders of the City: Water and Power at the Rural-Urban Fringe of Bogotá, 1920-2010 mehr zu: Arrieta, Marcela

Barthold, Sabine

Fellow; Greening the Global City. The Role of Global City Networks in Interurban Knowledge Production and Policy Transfer mehr zu: Barthold, Sabine

Calbet i Elias, Laura

Fellow; The Speculative Production of the City: Financialization, Housing and Berlin’s Inner City Transformation mehr zu: Calbet i Elias, Laura

Carbone, Antonio

Fellow; Buenos Aires in the Epidemic Years: Disease, Nature, Barbarism and Civilization. 1867-1874. mehr zu: Carbone, Antonio

Haid, Christian

Fellow; CITY LIFE IN LIMBO - (In)Stabilities and Conflicts in Informal Urban Practices

 mehr zu: Haid, Christian

Hege, Patrick

Fellow; City of Ruins: Sights and Sites of Colonial Construction in German Occupied Dar es Salaam, 1885-1917 mehr zu: Hege, Patrick

Hilbrandt, Hanna

Associate Fellow; Negotiating Formalities: Everyday Rule in Berlin’s Allotment Colonies mehr zu: Hilbrandt, Hanna

Hummel, Berit

Fellow; Taking Over the City: Cinematic Practices and Urban Change in 1960s New York. mehr zu: Hummel, Berit

Kassymbekova, Botakoz

Postdoctoral Fellow zum Thema "From guests to hosts of modernity: Russia on stage in Grand Hotels from 1870 till 1925" mehr zu: Kassymbekova, Botakoz

Levels, Annika

Fellow; Rethinking the Street!? The Politics of Sustainable Urban Streets in Berlin and New York mehr zu: Levels, Annika

Merrill, Samuel

Associate Fellow; The Production of Social Memory in the Landscapes of London and Berlin’s Subterranean Transport Infrastructure mehr zu: Merrill, Samuel

Rohlf, Johanna

Fellow; Jazz and the City: Berlin and Paris in the 1920s mehr zu: Rohlf, Johanna

Schaub, Felizitas

Associate Fellow; Mobility, Migration and Urban Cultures in Berlin and Prague (1867-1914) mehr zu: Schaub, Felizitas

Steigemann, Anna

Fellow; Selling “Community”? Local Businesses, Public Characters and the Social Life in Metropolitan Neighborhoods mehr zu: Steigemann, Anna

Vollmer, Lisa

Fellow; The Formation of Political Subjects: Tenant Protest in Berlin and New York mehr zu: Vollmer, Lisa

Wong, Meisen

Fellow; Ghost Cities in China: Hauntings of a Global Future mehr zu: Wong, Meisen

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