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Alumni 2008-10

Bader, Ingo

"Creative Cities – A New Model for Urban Governance between Neoliberal and Sustainable Development" more to: Bader, Ingo

Busà, Alessandro

REZONING NEW YORK CITY. City Producers, City Consumers, and the Right to New York City in the Times of Bloomberg more to: Busà, Alessandro

Disko, Sasha

"Men, Motorcycles and Modernity; A Social History of Motorization during the Weimar Republic" more to: Disko, Sasha

Graaff, Kristina

"Dealing With Racial Confinement in the 21st Century: The African American Genre of Street Literature and the Street-Prison Symbiosis" more to: Graaff, Kristina

Ha, Noa

"Itinerancy and Alterity - Informal Economy and Livelihood of Immigrants in Public Spaces – A Case Study on Street Vending in Berlin and New York" more to: Ha, Noa

Höhne, Stefan

Researcher & Lecturer more to: Höhne, Stefan

Horlitz, Sabine

"Pruitt-Igoe: Icon of Failure? Planning paradigms, modes of regulation and the perception of the US-American public housing project" more to: Horlitz, Sabine

Kemper, Jan

"Max Weber und die sozialwissenschaftliche Stadtforschung" more to: Kemper, Jan

Lutz, Manuel

(working) Title: "Homeless encampments in the US - moves for survival and self-determination in the context of urban post-welfare management of the poor" more to: Lutz, Manuel

Opitz, Tim

"Representation of Imperial Claims in Berlin and New York" more to: Opitz, Tim

Polinna, Cordelia

"Immigrant towns: Change in immigrant quarters in London and New York in the context of post-modern urban regeneration strategies" more to: Polinna, Cordelia

Rauch, Viola-Donata

"Me, Myself and the City. Second Generation Metropolitan Identity at the Turn of the 21st Century." more to: Rauch, Viola-Donata

Richter, Jana

"Architecture in the `Tourist City` – The transformation of architectural typologies through the growth of mass urban tourism in Berlin (1990-2008)" more to: Richter, Jana

Ülker, Riza Baris

"Entrepreneurial Practices of Immigrants from Turkey in Berlin" more to: Ülker, Riza Baris

Vogelpohl, Anne

"Urban Everyday Life – The Production of Urban Places under Conditions of Spatio-Temporal Dislimitations" more to: Vogelpohl, Anne

Wellgraf, Stefan

“Underclass? Self-Perceptions and Cultural Practices of Marginalized Urban Youth“ more to: Wellgraf, Stefan

Windsheimer, Daniela

"Planen, Steuern, Entwickeln im Wandel – Entscheidungsfindungsprozesse (urban governance) bei Großbauprojekten" more to: Windsheimer, Daniela

Ye, Ang

"Identitätsbild der Industriekultur und Industriedenkmalpflege. Shanghai und Berlin im Vergleich" more to: Ye, Ang

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