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Margit Mayer: "From Fordist (In)Equality to Postfordist (In- &)Exclusion"

While urban planning and social policies during the Fordist era pursued equalization and growth through (geographical and class) redistribution and implied, to nationally varying degrees, a tendency towards generalization of a "national average" standard as well as a goal to abolish uneven development within nation states, post-fordism highlights heterogenization through diversified policies and thus is encouraging differentiation and  inequality both in territorial and social terms, the results of which are then addressed with new types of "inclusionary" policies. The paper compares the transformation of both territorial and social/welfare policies in US and German cities in order to identify shared institutional dynamics as well as shared discourses in the respective emerging regimes of managing exclusion. The emphasis will be on analyzing similarities and differences between the US and German fordist and postfordist regimes, particularly on the respective transformation of political discourse, institutional patterns of policy making and implementation. 

About the Author

Margit Mayer teaches comparative and North American politics at the Freie Universität in Berlin. Her research focuses on comparative politics, urban and regional politics and social movements. Current research compares antipoverty programs in the US and Germanyas well as urban social movements. Publications include Modernisierung der Kommunalpolitik. Neue Wege der Ressourcenmobilisierung (Leske & Budrich 1997), The German Greens: Paradox between Movement and Party (Temple UP 1998), Jobwunder USA - Modell für Deutschland? (Westfälisches Dampfboot 1999), Urban Movements in a Globalising World (Routledge 2000) and Nonprofit-Organisationen und die Transformation der Beschäftigungspolitik (Dampfboot 2004). She is currently writing a book comparing urban movements and state policies in the US and Germany.

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