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5th Annual Conference Berlin 2009

"Ausnahmezustand and the Urban Condition"

About the Conference


Fifth Annual Conference of the Transatlantic Graduate Program, Berlin – New York at the Center for Metropolitan Studies Berlin
Berlin, June 4-6, 2009

Cities are central sites where persistent tensions between order and chaos, political legitimacy and violence, inside and outside, and sobriety and excess periodically erupt during critical moments of crisis. Framed in terms of the German notion of Ausnahmezustand, these moments challenge and realign established relations of power and their concrete manifestations in urban space. The fifth annual conference of the Transatlantic Graduate Program will explore the urban dimensions of Ausnahmezustand in its double connotation as both “state of emergency” and “state of exception.”

The aim of this conference is to use the concept of Ausnahmezustand to illuminate urban conditions and imaginaries and to investigate unveiled mechanisms and structures in order to gain a deeper understanding of how power functions in transforming the urban substance.

Themes and questions this conference seeks to explore are:
How can states of emergency/exception be defined, theorized and

» conceptualized to understand urban conditions?
How do political emergencies or natural disasters alter daily life,

» institutional responses and the make-up of urban environments?
What are the consequences and impacts of states of exception/

» emergency on urban political institutions, social relations and cultural
practices? How are states of emergency/exception embedded and anticipated in

» the uses and designs of urban infrastructures, architectural paradigms
and urban planning? How are scenarios for urban conditions developed to deal with future states of emergency/exception? Which actors are involved in evoking, sustaining, challenging and

» responding to states of emergency/exception in the urban context? How do urban states of emergency/exception affect notions of class,

» gender and ethnicity? How can urban conditions of liminality, social exclusion and otherness be framed in terms of states of emergency/ exception? How are states of emergency/exception represented in urban space?

» Are there places and spaces of exception in the city? How are states of emergency/exception imagined in the cultural

» production of urban figures and narratives?

The conference will take place at the TU Berlin:
Room H1035 | Central Building of the TU Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

The conference language is English.

Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us:

Participation: Registration is Closed

Registration for the conference closed on Thursday, May 14. For further information send us an email message: ausnahmezustand@metropolitanstudies.de

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