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New York and Toronto Fellows

Basit, Ayesha

Toronto Fellow, Right to the City for Migrants: The Case of ‘Sanctuary City’ Toronto mehr zu: Basit, Ayesha

Cassola, Adele

New York Fellow, Progressive Planning in the ‘Neoliberal City’: The Case of Policies that Mitigate Gentrification-Induced Displacement mehr zu: Cassola, Adele

Danyluk, Martin

Toronto Fellow, Conflict at the Crossroads of Global Trade: Urban Politics in the Age of Logistics mehr zu: Danyluk, Martin

Khatam, Azam

Toronto Fellow, Tehran Urban Reforms Between Two Revolutions: Developmentalism, Worlding Urbanism, and Neoliberalism mehr zu: Khatam, Azam

Wieditz, Thorben

Toronto Fellow, Labour-Community Struggles and the Production of Space: The Case of the East Toronto Community Coalition mehr zu: Wieditz, Thorben

Keilson, Ana Isabel

New York Fellow, Making Dance Knowledge: Politics and Modern Dance in Germany, 1890 - 1927 mehr zu: Keilson, Ana Isabel

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