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This project ended in April 2011

DFG Research Group 'Megaprojects'

Emmy Noether Research Project

“The Urban Renaissance-Potential of Inner-City Rail Station Redevelopment Mega-Projects”

This multi-year research project, funded via the Emmy Noether Excellency Program of the German Research Foundation (DFG), looks at rail station area urban redevelopment mega-projects as key instances of planned, large-scale strategic interventions into the contemporary urban fabric aimed at re-connecting and revitalizing key urban locales. The project analyzes the unique role of major rail nodes as both "spaces of flow" and "spaces of place" and evaluates their potential to successfully contribute to newly emergent normative urban and transport policy goals linked to an "urban renaissance" agenda. The research is structured around two major components: For one, the project will develop a comprehensive inventory database of recent rail station area redevelopment mega-projects in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. This inventory will form the empirical basis for a thorough quantitative and qualitative cross-national comparative analysis and typologization.


Parallel to this, the work program includes in-depth case study investigations of three high-profile inner-city rail station area redevelopment mega-projects in Berlin, Vienna and Stuttgart, focusing on the complex governance arrangements and the various conflicts and confluences of interest among the various stakeholders.

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