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Center for Metropolitan Studies

The city is our research field. Since 2004 the Center for Metropolitan Studies (CMS) at the Technische Universität Berlin has brought together both young and experienced researchers to study the historical developments and current problems of the metropolis in its international graduate research program, the masters program in historical urban studies, and adjunct research projects. The research center and its programs are interdisciplinary and international.

The Center currently focuses on the topics of metropolis and mobility, suburbanization and urban renewal, cultural economies and cultural innovation processes. We view current problems such as security in cities, segregation and polarization from a historical perspective to uncover possible solutions for the present. Historical analysis sharpens our view of the twenty-first-century metropolis.

The Center for Metropolitan Studies looks to bring together academic scholarship and practical research and consulting, to promote younger scholars and to encourage cooperation and communication between various actors in scientific research, economics, politics and civil society. CMS draws upon the experience of the thirty-year-old, internationally acknowledged Research Unit for Urban History of the Technische Universität in Berlin.

International Graduate Research Program

The Center for Metropolitan Studies' International Graduate Research Program gives interdisciplinary training to an internationally experienced group of young researchers. In addition it recruits further research through third-party funding projects and promotes projects in cooperation with business, politics, and research foundations. Academics and experts from various disciplines – cultural scientists, politicians, city planners and architects, ethnologists, media scientists, security experts, and businessmen - are invited to investigate together the challenges and problems of the metropolis and to develop possible solutions.

M.A. Historical Urban Studies

The program Historical Urban Studies aims at a detailed investigation of the European urban population's specific forms of living. The degree imparts fundamentals for a competent, historically-informed and creative approach to present problems and the future development of our cities.


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