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Dr. Deike Peters


USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
650 Childs Way, Lewis Hall 107A
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0626, USA


Internationally comparative urbanization / urban restructuring / urban planning; sustainable urbanism / environmentally sensitive & socially equitable human settlement development; the political economy and governance of mega-projects; gender dimensions of transport & mobility; planning theory



Ph.D. in Urban Planning & Policy Development, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Master in International Affairs, Columbia University, New York, USA

Master of Science in Urban Planning, Columbia University, New York, USA

Graduate Studies in City Planning & Urban Design, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany

Diploma in French Language and Cultural Studies, Sorbonne, Université Paris IV, France


German Research Foundation (DFG) International Research Fellow
Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

10/2008-05/2011 (on parental leave 11/10-5/11)
Director, German Research Foundation (DFG) Emmy Noether Group ‘Urban Mega-Projects’, Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University Berlin

Senior Research Associate, OMEGA Project on Mega-Urban Transport Projects, Department of Human Geography, Urban Studies Unit (TEAS), Free University Berlin

German Research Foundation (DFG) Fellow, Center for Metropolitan Studies, Transatlantic Research Program, Technical University Berlin

Lecturer & Researcher, Department of City and Regional Planning (ISR), Technical University Berlin

Instructor & Research Assistant, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University, NJ, USA


Spring 2011–
Associated Faculty (non-resident), Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University Berlin

Spring 2009–
Adjunct Faculty, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy (formerly SPPD), Los Angeles, USA

Adjunct Faculty, International Urban Management Masters Program, Technical University Berlin

Spring ’07/’05
Visiting Scholar, METRANS/SPPD, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, USA

Spring 2006
Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Urban Planning, School of Public Policy, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

Fall 2002
Visiting Researcher, Catédra Walter Gropuis, FADU, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Gender Consultant, UN Habitat, Policy Analysis Branch, Nairobi, Kenya

Director of Environmental Programs, The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), New York, USA

1998, 1999       
Consultant to the PREM Gender Unit, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA

Winter 1996
Research Assistant, United Nations Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS), New York, NY


Alumni Board Member, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, Columbia University, New York

Member, Academic Advisory Board, UN Global Research Network on Human Settlements

Managing Director (2003-2005) / Board President (2003-2008) / Advisory Board Member (2008–), European Section / Representative Office of Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)

April 2001
National Delegate (Germany), U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development, CSD 9, New York

Northern Co-Chair, U.N. CSD NGO Caucus on Sustainable Transportation



Peters, D. (2006) Planning for a Sustainable Europe? EU Transport Infrastructure Decision-Making in the Context of Eastern Enlargement. Berlin: Technical University Berlin. [pdf of 2003 Rutgers Ph.D. diss. here]

Altrock, U., Güntner, S., Huning, S. and Peters, D. (Eds.) (2006) Spatial Planning and Urban Development in the new EU Member States. Aldershot: Ashgate.  [pdf Contents] [pdf Chapter 1]


Altrock, U., Huning, S., Kuder, T., Nuissl, H. und Peters, D. (Eds.) (2010) Symbolische Orte: Planerische (De-) Kontruktionen (Symbolic Spaces: Planning (De-)Constructions). Berlin: Altrock Verlag

Altrock, U., Huning, S., Kuder, T., Nuissl, H. und Peters, D. (Eds.) (2009) Städte im Aufbruch. Stadtentwicklungspolitische Handlungsoptionen in Krisenzeiten. (“Cities on the Move: Options for Urban Development Policy-Making in Times of Crisis”) Berlin: Altrock Verlag (Serie Planungsrundschau, Nr. 15)

Altrock, U., Güntner, S., Huning, S., Kuder, T., Nuissl, H. und Peters, D. (Eds.) (2007) Städtebau als Chefsache? Die Debatte um die Nachfolge von Hans Stimmann (“Urban Design as Executive Priority? The Debate over the Succession to [Berlin’s former Senate Building Director] Hans Stimmann.) Berlin: Altrock Verlag (Serie Planungsrundschau, Nr. 14)

Altrock, U., Güntner, S., Huning, S., Kuder, T., Nuissl, H. and Peters, D. (Eds.) (2006) Sparsamer Staat - Schwache Stadt? (“Frugal State - Fragile Cities?”) Berlin: Altrock Verlag (Serie Planungsrundschau, Nr. 13)

Altrock, U., Güntner, S., Huning, S., Nuissl, H. and Peters, D. (Eds.) (2005) Landliebe - Landleben. Ländlicher Raum in Spiegel von Sozialwissenschaften und Planungstheorie. (“Love of Country - Life in the Country.  Rural Space as Conceptualized in the Social Sciences and in Planning Theory”) (2005). Berlin: Altrock Verlag

Altrock, U., Güntner, S., Huning, S. and Peters, D. (Eds.) (2005): Zwischen Anpassung und Neuerfindung - Raumplanung und Stadtentwicklung in den Staaten der EU Ostverweiterung Berlin: Altrock Verlag

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Peters, D. and Novy, J. (2012) “Rail Station Mega-Projects: Overlooked Centerpieces in the Complex Puzzle of 21st Century Urban Restructuring” (Guest editors’ introduction to the thematic issue) Built Environment, 38:1, 5-11 [pdf]

Peters, D., with Novy, J. (2012) “Train Station Area Development Mega-Projects in Europe – Towards a Typology” Built Environment, 38:1, 12-30 [pdf]

Novy, J. and Peters, D. (2012) “Railway Station Megaprojects as Public Controversies: The Case of Stuttgart 21.” Built Environment, 38:1, 128-145 [pdf]

Peters, D. (2011) “‘Rail City Berlin’ – Rail Infrastructure Development and Inter-modality in the Re-Unified German Capital.” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board Paper # 10-2528, 60-68 [pdf]

Peters, D. (2010) “Digging Through the Heart of Reunified Berlin: Tracing the Story of the Tiergarten-Tunnel Megaproject.” European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 10:1, 93-106 [pdf]

Peters, D. (2009) “The Renaissance of Inner-City Rail Station Areas: A Key Element in Contemporary Urban Restructuring Dynamics” Critical Planning Summer 2009 [pdf]

Peters, D. (2005) “How Different Spatial Contexts Result in Different Sustainability Discourses – A Discursive Analysis of the Budapest Ring Road” European Spatial Research and Policy, 12:1, 69-88 [draft pdf]

Peters, D. (2003) “Cohesion, Polycentricity, Missing Links and Bottlenecks: Conflicting Spatial Storylines for Pan-European Transport Investments.”  European Planning Studies, 11:3 (Republished in Fideli, V. et al (2006) Rethinking EU Spatial Policy as a Hologram: Actions, Institutions, Discourses. Aldershot: Ashgate) [pdf]


Peters, D. (Forthcoming, 2013) “Gender and Sustainable Urban Mobility.” Official Background Study for the 2013 Global Report on Human Settlements on Sustainable Urban Mobility. Nairobi: UN Habitat

Peters, D. and Novy, J. (2011) "Stuttgart 21: weder »einzigartig« noch »beispielhaft«. Was uns ein Blick auf ausländische Verkehrs- und Stadtentwicklungsgroßprojekte lehren kann." In: Planung neu denken - online II, 1-7 [pdf]

Peters, D. (2010) „Bahnhöfe als symbolische Orte einer Urban Renaissance?“ (Railways as Symbolic Places for an Urban Renaissance?) In: Altrock, U., Huning, S., Kuder, T., Nuissl, H. & Peters, D. (Eds.) Symbolische Orte: Planerische (De-)Kontruktionen (Symbolic Places: Planning (De-)Constructions). Berlin: Altrock Verlag, pp. 291-308

Peters, D. (2009) entry “Los Angeles” In: Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. Edited by Hutchinson, R. et al. Thousand Oaks: Sage [pdf]

Peters, D. (2009) “Restructuring and Revitalizing Cities through Mega-Urban Transport Projects? Lessons from the Tiergartentunnel/VZB Transport Mega-project in Berlin, Germany.” Case Study Results from the Hypothesis-Led Research Phase, prepared for and submitted to the OMEGA research project “Mega-Urban Transport Projects: Lessons for Decision-Making.” OMEGA Centre, University College London.

Peters, D. (2008) “Decision-Making for Mega-Urban Transport Infrastructure Projects: A German Case Study” Paper prepared for the OMEGA research project “Mega-Urban Transport Projects: Lessons for Decision-Making.”

Peters, D. (2008) “Stadtentwicklung und Demokratie: Mitbestimmung in New York und Berlin” (“Urban Development and Democracy: Participation in New York and Berlin”) In: Stemmler, S. and Arnold, S. New York – Berlin: Kulturen der Stadt. (New York – Berlin: City Cultures) Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag

Peters, D. (2007) “Mobility Politics L.A. Style – Der Einfluß zivilgesellschaftlicher Akteure auf die Verkehrsinfrastrukturpolitik in Los Angeles” (Mobility Politics L.A. Style: The Influence of Civil Society Actors on Transport Infrastructure Policy in Los Angeles) In: Altrock, U., Hoffmann, H. und Schönig, B. (Hg.) Hoffnungsträger Zivilgesellschaft? Governance, Nonprofits, und Stadtentwicklung in U.S. Metropolregionen. (Civil Society as a Beacon of Hope? Governance, Non-Profils and Urban Development in US Metropolitan Regions).  Berlin: Altrock Verlag [pdf]

Peters, D. (2007) “Planer als „deliberative practitioners“ - Auf dem Weg zu einem neuen, diskursiven Pragmatismus in der Planung(stheorie)?“ („Planners as ‚deliberate practitioners’? Towards a new, discursive pragmatism in planning (theory)?”) In: Strategieorientierte Planung im kooperativen Staat. (“Strategic Planning in the collaborative State”) Edited by J. Dangschat et al. Berlin: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften [pdf]

Altrock, U., Huning S. and Peters, D. (2006) “Neue Wege in der Planungspraxis und warum aktuelle Planungstheorien unvollständig bleiben.” (“New Directions in Planning Practice and why current planning theories remain incomplete.”) In: Zur Räumlichen Entwicklung Beitragen. Planung Neu Denken. Band 1. (“Contributing to Spatial Development:. Rethinking Planning.” Vol. 1.) Edited by K. Selle. Dortmund: Dorothea Rohn Verlag.

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Peters, D. (2004) „Zum Stand der Planungstheorie.“ (“On the state-of-the-art of planning theory.”) In: Perspektiven der Planungstheorie. (Perspectives on Planning Theory). Edited by U. Altrock, S. Güntner, S. Huning, and D. Peters. Berlin: Leue Verlag, pp. 5-27 [pdf]

Huning, Sandra and Peters, D. (2003) “Mega-Projekte und Stadtentwicklung.” (“Mega-Projects and Urban Development.”) Editors’ introduction to: Mega-Projekte und Stadtentwicklung. Edited by U. Altrock, S. Güntner, S. Huning, and D. Peters. Berlin: Altrock Verlag, pp.5-14 [pdf]

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Peters, D. (2002) “So einfach ist das.“ (“It’s that simple.”) Editors’ introduction to the Special Issue on Alternative Mobility, Planungsrundschau, Vol 1, Issue 5

Peters, D. (2001) “Utopías burguesas al estilo de Budapest o el ascenso (¿y el declive?) de los suburbios en Europa central” („Bourgeois Utopias Budapest-Style or: The Rise (and Fall?) of Suburbia in Central Europe”) Urban, Issue No. 6

Peters, D. (2001) Traumlandschaften visuellen Konsums? Städtetourismus im 21. Jahrhundert“ (“Dreamscapes of virtual consumption? Urban Tourism in the 21st Century”) RaumPlanung No.98, 10/2001

Peters, D. (2000) “Life In Times of the Traffic Jam.  Why Smart Cities Are De-Motorizing.” Sustainable Development International, October 2000.  [pdf]

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Peters, D. (2001) “Gender and Transport in Less Developed Countries: A Background Paper in Preparation for CSD-9.” Gender & Environment International Workshop, organized by the BMU, the Böll Foundation and UNED Forum, Schloss Glienicke, Berlin, Germany, 10 - 12 January 2001, (Paper available online under www.earthsummit2002.org/workshop/bpapers.htm) [pdf]

Peters, D. (2000) Designing a Gender Sensitive Bicycle Component for Transport Projects. World Bank Gender & Transport Tools, http://www4.worldbank.org/afr/ssatp/Resources/HTML/Gender-RG/module5/index-p11.html

Hook, W. and Peters, D. (with  contributions from W. Suchorzewsky, and M. Stoczkeiwicz). (1999) Major Transportation Infrastructure Investment Decision-Making, and Its Impact on the Long-Term Sustainability of the Baltic Sea.  Helcom PITF Project #298 25 161. Berlin: Umweltbundesamt (German Federal Environment Agency) [pdf]

Peters, D. (1997) Por el Futuro, Usemos Bicicletas: A Pre-Feasibility Study for a Cycling Network in Managua. New York: Institute for Transportation & Development Policy [pdf]

Hook, W., Peters, D. and Sclar, E. (1996) Express to the 21st Century: The ATU Plan to Improve Staten Island Express Bus Service. Consultant report for the Amalgamated Transit Workers Union, New York: ITDP [pdf]


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