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In the Web of Time

In the Web of Time: Seasonality as an Urban Phenomenon

Modul 6: Stadt im Netz

Di 14-16 Uhr • Seminarraum HBS 103 • Beginn: 26.04.2022

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brantz

Achtung: Registrierung auf ISIS bis zum 15.4. / 15:00 Uhr erforderlich!

Metropoles are dynamic spaces. Such a dynamic implies movement and time. While the field of urban studies has dealt extensively with the concept of space, notions of time have received much less attention. In recent years, this is changing and questions of temporality are moving more to the fore of empirical urban research and theorization. Urban temporalities are one of the main research interests of the Center for Metropolitan Studies and this seminar reflects this focus. This semester we will specifically look at the notion of urban seasonality. How do seasons influence urban life? What is even the meaning of seasons in an urban context? How do seasons relate to questions of climate? We will take the four seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter) as our guiding posts to look at distinct seasonal phenomena such as the Japanese Hanami, heat waves, storms, and winter blizzards, to investigate their impact on urban life in the past, but also in our current present. Students will also have the opportunity to investigate topics of their own choosing and to present to the group.

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