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Refugee, Postcolonial and Other Urbanisms

Refugee, Postcolonial and Other Urbanisms

Modul 6: Stadt im Netz

Mittwoch 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr - Seminarraum HBS 103 - Beginn 27.04.2022

Avi Sharma

The city is fracturing under the weight of the urban. What do ‘city’ and ‘urban’ even mean in the context of social scientific and urban theory that variously describes regional agglomerations, pluralization, global entanglements, multi-polarity, planetary scales? Are cities different from other collective forms, and if so, what makes them distinctive? The present seminar argues for a fractal perspective on cities – suggesting that for the purposes of urban theory, cities are better understood as processes than places or objects. The course offers a brief introduction to (and gentle critique of) classical and more recent urban theory. It then explores other perspectives that stress the way urbanism is continually produced through wildly diverse processes occurring in different political, ecological, and climatic contexts. Using a range of historical, geographical, and theoretical frames, it suggests that rather than “typologies of the urban,” we try to understand the world of cities through the different ways of living together. Key Authors: Ayona Datta, Ramona Sanyal, Ananya Roy, Otto Koenigsberger, Gyan Prakash, Nikhil Rao.

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